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August 22 2014, 03:42 AM

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ARTIST: Emma Thompson & Peigi Barker
TRACK: Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal)
ALBUM: Brave Soundtrack
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Gaelic Lyrics:

A naoidhean bhig, cluinn mo ghuth

Mise ri d’ thaobh, O mhaighdean bhan

Ar righinn oig, fas as faic

Do thir, dileas Fein

A ghrian a’s a ghealaich, stuir sinn

Gu uair ar cliu ‘s ar gloire

Naoidhean bhig, ar righinn go

Mhaighdean uashaill bhan

English Translation:

Little baby, hear my voice

I’m beside you, O maiden fair

Our young Lady, grow and see

Your land, your own faithful land

Sun and moon, guide us

To the hour of our glory and honour

Little baby, our young Lady

Noble maiden fair

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Quit smiling, you’re supposed to be professional.

August 19 2014, 11:09 PM


so when is richard going to be tagged for that ice challenge thing

August 19 2014, 06:00 PM

"Name one thing you're gonna need this stupid fucking rope for." (x)